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Tips to Being Intimate During Quarantine

After weeks of doing your part by social distancing and staying at home, youโ€™re out of frozen pizza, canned soup, and ramen. All fast food restaurants in a 2-mile radius know your order by heart. You just found an old French fry under you after watching 7 straight hours of Tiger King. You just canโ€™t take it anymore...

Now is the perfect time to get creative around the house! Have the room (or whole house) to yourself? Time for some extra long-lasting Self Play. Wetยฎ Platinumยฎ is guaranteed to never get dry and sticky. It is the number one selling silicone lubricant in the United States. Once you go Wetยฎ Platinumยฎ, you'll never go back.

Ready to explodeโ€ฆ with juicy fresh fruit flavors? Wetยฎ Fruit Flavored Lube truly FEELS DELICIOUS!

Get to spend quarantine with a significant other? Time to Be Intimate, letโ€™s talk safety first. If you or your partner have come into contact with someone with COVID-19, recently traveled to a highly infected area, have flu-like symptoms, or tested positive for COVID-19 . . . keep each other safe, let each other heal, and cool it on the sex for a little while. This is the perfect time to turn on the shower and have some steamy fun on opposite sides of the glass or start a sexy Zoom call from the other room.

Want to have your cake and eat it too? Treat yourself to a cupcake.

Whichever situation you find yourself in, keep finding new ways to make staying home fun! Wet products have been innovating intimacy for over 30 Years. To discover more fun ways to pass your time at home go toยฎ products are available at all major pharmacy chains, and your favorite adult boutique.

Now head over to Amazon and use code StayHomeWET for an extra 10% off all Wetยฎ products!